Stream, South Mountain Reservation-Oil on board NFS

June 04, 2013


This is somewhere in the South Mountain Reservation. So close to a busy road was a lovely little stream. I was hoping to capture the way you can see into the water and at the same time there’s a reflection of the sky.


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Casteldelago- oil painting on canvas $600


Casteldelago–framed oil painting Canvas size- 9″ x 14″
Framed size- 11.25″ x 16.25″




This plein aire painting was done on a narrow stone road along the side of a hill town in Umbria, Casteldelago. I believe the name means castle on the lake, neither of which I could see from my vantage point! It was a Sunday morning and villagers would walk by on their way to Mass. I noticed most of the men in town were down at the espresso place and it was the women dutifully heading alone to church.

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Memorial Field and the Bygone Trees- oil on canvas $600

Memorial Field and the Bygone Trees- Oil on Canvas
canvas size-9″ x 12″/ 14.75″ x 17.5″

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View of NYC from Parking Lot- Oil on board NFS


I painted this from the top deck of the parking garage at Overlook Hospital. I like that the view shows the tracks leading towards NYC and my studio space is in one of the buildings in the foreground.

Starun front 4×6

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